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Falkirk Islamic Centre

Tradition meets modernity

Project Brief

For over 20 years, the Falkirk Islamic Centre has served as a spiritual centre for its local community. During the early months of the pandemic, the committee decided it was time to upgrade their site. The initial website had launched in 2011, on a version of Joomla that hadn’t been updated since launch. When it came to functionality that a spiritual centre might require, such as registration forms, the mosque had, for years, relied on third-party services like Google Forms.

For their new website, the committee wanted a website that looked modern while still retaining elements of traditional Islamic art and calligraphy. They also requested that the website has certain functionality built in so that they wouldn’t require their users to move off the website in order to do complete simple tasks such as registration, viewing events and timetables.


Falkirk Islamic Centre





Our Approach

Following research of the needs of the end-users of the website, we set about drafting a UX that allow the community to easily access essential information. In this specific case, the most important thing was to have a dynamic prayer timetable that would auto-update with the latest prayer timings relevant to the date of the year. We designed and placed a clean, concise and easy to read timetable just under the main banner of the website, allowing users to easily view the prayer times of the day

Thanks to excellent, consistent communications with the Centre's designated Project Manager, we were able to design and develop the website ahead of schedule.

The Solution

What we did:

  • Created a bespoke and responsive website, able to accommodate any screen size and resolution.
  • Migrated the clients content over from Joomla to WordPress.
  • Integrated booking systems, prayer timetables and event calendars, as well as a food bank registration system.
  • Integrated and configured a donations processor featuring one-off and recurring donations. We also added various payment methods as well as Gift Aid.

The Falkirk Islamic Centre project was completed within the timeframe agreed upon and now serves as a focal point for their local community in providing information and services.

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